13 października 2014

Tasker - aktualizacja do wersji 4.5u1

Przedwczoraj pojawiła się nowa wersja Taskera 4.5u1. Jest to aktualizacja poprawiająca błędy w wersji 4.5. Zachęcam do aktualizacji.

Lista zmian

  • change: listMarginWidthPercent is written to prefs file so user doesn't need to create new entry
  • change: app creation: Debug Version option no longer causes debuggable to be set in the manifest (prevented Play Store publication)
  • bugfix: Text element in scene: links were causing crash
  • bugfix: BT Near: bugged in some earlier Android versions
  • bugfix: scene destruction: wasn't tidying up event handlers correctly which was producing warnings
  • bugfix: scene element TextEdit: crash due to cursor movement in some circumstance
  • bugfix: catch exception selecting sub-activities for some apps
  • bugfix: catch exception when state plugin result comes in for profile that doesn't exist anymore
  • bugfix: better handle exceptions that can occur loading bad config data


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