9 czerwca 2015

Tasker - aktualizacja do wersji 4.7

Wczoraj, po długim okresie beta testów, pojawiła się nowa wersja Taskera 4.7. Zachęcam do aktualizacji.

Lista zmian

  • Prefs / Misc: Android Backup
  • action Tasker / Import Data
  • action Array Process: Sort Numeric Integer and Sort Numeric Floating-Point
  • action Send Intent: Extra fields: support for parcelable Java objects created with Java Function
  • action Send Intent: Extra fields: support for Uris via casting of value
  • action Send Intent: extra Extra field (also for JS function)
  • file selection: text box for specification
  • file selection for local data backup and restore
  • scene element WebView: Background tab
  • action Test System: added Android ID test type
  • action Test Display / Orientation: added landscape-reverse and portrait-reverse values
  • per-action log access in task edit screen after test runs
  • action Vibrate/Vibrate Pattern: Continue On Error param
  • action Zip: Target File parameter
  • action Media Control: option to send the command to a specific app
  • main screen profile/task/scene list: multi-select mode action: Move To Top (when items are user-sorted)
  • main screen profile/task/scene: sort by age
  • action Zip: Target File parameter
  • action Media Control: option to send the command to a specific app
  • scene element TextEdit: Focus event
  • action Element Text: parameter Selection (TextEdit elements only)
  • JS: function Say: parameters Respect Audio Focus and Use Network
  • scene element Web: Support Popups parameter for e.g. form selection elements
  • state Net / Auto Sync
  • action Launch App: parameter Always Start New Copy, default is now to use existing copy of app when possible
  • Music Play Dir: Audio Only: extra file extensions
  • display-off monitoring: use of significant motion sensor where available (no power usage when stationary,
  • Prefs / Monitor / Display Off / Motion Detection (enabled by default)
  • BODY_SENSORS permission for Heart Rate
  • State / Heart Rate (untested)
  • variable: %HEART (Heart Rate) (untested)
  • action Net / HTTP Head
  • events Variables / Variable Cleared/Set: parameter User Variables Only
  • event Tasker / Timer Change (when Task Timer status changes)
  • Tasker / Test Tasker: type Timer Widget Remaining
  • Prefs / UI / List Item Drag Margin / Disable option
  • variable %TNET: try using getprop as workaround when Android doesn't return a value
  • action Get Voice: parameter Language
  • actions File / GZip and File / GUnzip
  • state Power / Battery Temperature
  • state Power Save Mode (Android 5.0+)
  • task edit screen: test buttons: log display when action fails
  • Search Tasker: matches also against action parameters which have a set of strings to choose for the value


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