19 sierpnia 2014

Tasker - aktualizacja do wersji 4.4u3

Wczoraj Tasker został zaktualizowany do wersji 4.4u3. W liście zmian głównie same poprawki.

Lista zmian

  • change: increased SD logfile size to 2MB
  • bugfix: catch OOM when scrolling app list
  • bugfix: 2 situations where exe service was occasionally hanging
  • bugfix: menu element: when too many elements to fit on screen, rearrange and delete wasn't possible
  • bugfix: state Calendar Entry: names with space were being mangled on exiting state edit
  • bugfix: menu element: select mode none: click highlight didn't match that used elsewhere
  • bugfix: menu element: select mode none: click highlight was sticking
  • bugfix: android L: was crashing on startup with Default theme selected
  • bugfix: UI lock: multi-selecting task/scenes, long-click projects wasn't requesting code
  • bugfix: UI lock: locked tasks/profiles/scenes could be dragged and thus e.g. deleted
  • bugfix: added help text for State / Display / Display State


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